Recap: Abbe Lew’s Whiskeython.

Twas a great day at the races yesterday. The inaugural Whiskeython (hosted by yours truly) was held with a start at The UN Building and finish in South Street Seaport. The winner would win a coveted bottle of Buffalo Trace whiskey, and a lucky raffle winner would win two airplane bottles.

The weather was picture perfect (60 degrees in New York City in January…seriously?), and seven contestants made their way over to the East Side for the 11:00 start. As host, I gave the route and told them my trusty sidekick Amanda and I would be down at the finish taking everyone’s times.

Methinks if you look closely, you'll find the Baker brothers.

Maria asked, “Where is the finish…exactly? Like what cross street?”

“Um… I don’t know…”

Jeff piped up, “I think it’s Wall.”

After the proper, “One, two, three, BEGIN,” they were off heading south while Amanda and I popped into a cab.

(And yes, I said begin. Not go. Had to change it up.)

We got to the finish.. er, the new finish at a park on Wall and South Street. It wasn’t the projected finish of 5 miles, but if that’s where everyone thought they were headed then so be it! This is a fun rogue ops race, after all.

Not long after, Elyssa showed up ready to document the finishers. I looked down at my clock.

“Hmm. 30 minutes… if Christopher was actually allowed to race this and win, he’d probably be coming through the finish…”

“Yep,” E said. “Not the case, today!”

Four minutes later, it was Jeff Baker (who was being paced by his brother) charging down South Street. We all started cheering. Jeff looked up, saw us at the finish and started sprinting. Amanda and I made our best power arch while Elyssa snapped shots of his speediness.

Moments later, photographer number 2—Erica Sara—showed up.

“I got off at the wrong station,” she whimpered.

No matter, as all the finishers started coming through the finish, and our power arch grew!

So bright! Sunshine and 60 degrees in January!

Abbe Lew’s Whiskeython Official Times:

Jeff: 34:06
Chris: 34:10
Maria: 37:42
Laura: 41:00
Jillian: 41:05
Lauren: 44:12
Samantha: 45:37

Much celebration took place at Fraunces Tavern for luncheon and booze.

Thanks to all who came out, and congratulations to Jeff for first place finisher and Lauren for winning the raffle in the first Rogue Runner race of 2012!  Hope to see everyone at the Cardiac Crusher 4 Mile Prediction Run!


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