Wrap It Up: Christmas in NYC.

Well, I’m happy to report that my second attempt at Christmas in New York with my parents was a success! Last year was an epic failure as the snowstorm from hell whisked my parents back to North Carolina. But! Thanks to mild(er) temperatures, no snow was seen, leaving my parents to be with me for 4.5 fun-filled days in the city to celebrate the holidays.

So, let’s wrap it up holiday style.

Restaurant Recommendation of the Weekend: Saxon + Parole. Oysters. Branzino. Marrow. I was quite upset when I learned that Double Crown was to close earlier this fall to be transformed into something new. I loved DC. But behold, Brad Farmerie brings tidings of great joy with his newest concept. AND as an added bonus, my dear friend Dana graced us with her presence and we ate and drank ourselves into a serious roll-us-out-the-door food coma. And the burger that kept passing by our table (apparently a must-have at S+P)—that goes on the post Derby Marathon to-do list.

Holiday Funtivity of the Weekend: A fun run with His Lordship. Chris and I got up on Christmas morning, wished each other a very Merry and head out the door for a short, brisk run. We made our way to Central Park and down the East Drive towards 5th Avenue. Our goal: the Tree at 30 Rock. I made this run last year on Christmas Eve, and I found myself being the only person in Rockefeller Plaza. This year was a bit different – there were more tourists and people were already skating at 9:00 am. But it’s still worth it to be in the presence of one of such a large tree on Christmas Day.


Other funtivities of note: Chinese for Christmas dinner at Mr. K’s in Midtown, drinks with the always lovely Erica Sara at Bookmarks (my folks were staying at the Library Hotel), and cooking both Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas breakfast for the family (oh yes, recipes to follow). There was much texting (many of it angry) with Claire and Gavin during the Giants game. And let us not forget, the always important Home Alone viewing on Christmas Eve. Hey, I do have to keep my traditions.

Oh, and Lindy Lew got me this for Christmas. Project, indeed.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season, and that the fun continues right into the New Year.

Oh, and fun fact: training has started. How did that happen? Whoops. Time to look forward to that S+P burger.

Now it’s off to sunny Tampa for the remainder of my stay/vacation. See y’all in the Sunshine State.


One response to “Wrap It Up: Christmas in NYC.

  1. Jingle threw up this morning. Sign that she needs homecooked food. I’m bringing her over upon your return. Save travels, and many beers in the New Year!

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