Wrap It Up: The DeYoung/Millers Invade NYC.

And also my NYC staycation.

And also our NYC cheese-cation (but we’ll get to that later).

Danielle and I have known each other for what seems like eleventy billion years. In reality, I think we’ve been friends since the third grade. She is an engineer, an artist, a musician, and other super cool awesome things that super fun awesome people do. Her and her husband Drew (who is also super fun and awesome and other cool adjectives) decided that they would fly up for Danielle’s 28th birthday for a long weekend, thus making it a staycation for myself and Chris.

After long months and weeks the staycation finally happened. Fun was had, laughter was shared, the itinerary had been printed and cheese was wolfed down by all.

We even saw a saloon for balloons.

"This is where we are in the document. With Bat Cat."

So. Let’s wrap up a weekend of fun in my city.

Restaurant recommendation of the weekend: We took the city by storm and ate some seriously amazing food. I will recommend Danielle’s favorite restaurant in the city (and coincidentally where we ate her birthday dinner): Artisianal. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Yes folks, there is a fromagerie and a glorious cheese cave. Oh so beautiful and I hope to own one in my home in the near future. It will also be where Danielle and Drew will sleep when they come to visit.

Staycation recommendation of the weekend: Ice Skating in Wollman Rink. Although I’m quite terrible and afraid of ice skating due to a fractured knee injury I endured from my snowboard catching an edge on ice many moons ago, this was quite enjoyable. Get there at 10:00 AM on the dot to ice skate with minimal child traffic and out-of-towners.

The “Be careful, you’re on video camera so you need to be quick” recommendation of the weekend: The Well in Manhattan Bistro. Should you venture to Soho to do any shopping, take a load off your feet and enjoy a beverage at this quaint pub on Spring Street (sorry to sound like an infomercial). The four of us were joined by the Walkers for luncheon/shopping, and we found ourselves at this bar discussing a ghost story I saw on The History Channel. Back in 1799, a young girl was murdered by her fiance and tossed into the Manhattan Well. That well still exists in the basement inside of Manhattan Bistro, and it is said that strange occurrences happen in the bar/restaurant by the ghost of said young lady. Danielle and I decided to “go to the bathroom,” aka go through the door that is marked “NO ADMITTANCE/STAFF ONLY” and venture back into the room containing the well (which looks like it should be from The Ring). We saw it, shreiked with glee, and ran away. Christopher decided he would go take a look after we told him our tale. The door was locked. “They may have seen us on video camera.” Whoops.

And by the numbers:

Number of restaurants/bars conquered: Lucky 13.
Number of cheeses eaten: 17 (including manchego, burrata and nacho).
Number of Hugh Jackman (aka Huge Ackman) coffees: 3.
Number of hours spent playing with Astor: Not enough.
Number of fun runs in Central Park: 1.
Number of Well-of-Dooms spotted: 1.

Many thanks and Happy Birthday to my dear friend Danielle DeYoung-Miller and her wonderful husband Drew for invading the city so nice they named it twice for guactails, wine, shoppery, and consoling me when the Giants lost. And thank you for enjoying cheese as much as I do. And thank you for letting Astor fuzz all over your clothes and coffee.

DeYoung Hyphen Miller.

Much Love,

Abbe Lew


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