B Double E Double R U N.

That’s what we did. Lit-rally. This was the third installment of Claire’s oh-so-lovely highly anticipated and somewhat challenging Beer Runs.

Claire runs for beer. Complete with fabulous beer glasses.

Our group of an estimated 40 runners gathered at Madison Square Park at high noon. Claire gave us a very inspirational speech. And, without the sound of a gun, we set off on a course of 6.4 miles, tackling the following bars: Molly’s Shebeen, Hop Devil, dba, Bleecker Street Bar and Shake Shack.

It was a fabulous day for a beer run. The weather was crisp and exceptional, the company outstanding and the beers flowing like wine. There was even discussion how this was our “Runner Holiday Party.” And let’s not forget His Lordship getting body checked by a homeless man on a bike. And how the bartender at Hop Devil looked like he could be Matt Six’s sibling. And how Steph and Sam beat Chris and Matt at pool.

We're so cool. We make friends on Beer Runs.

We ended at Shake Shack a bit after 4:00, where everyone was ecstatic to gorge on the famous Shack Burgers. Christopher and I opted for cheese fries (f-ing outstanding), thinking that we would get dinner at one of our local neighborhood spots. We also made friends with a fat squirrel who was also eating French fries.

Hey, friend. Enjoy your Shake Shack treat.

Getting to said neighborhood dinner spot proved to be a challenging task, as we both consumed 5+ beers with minimal food. We probably should have taken Matt Six’s advice of getting Shack Burgers, cheese fries AND hot dogs. Oh well. Nothing a little sleep won’t fix.

Alas, another fantastic day at the races. Madame Walsh, thank you once again, for your outstanding planning. I can’t wait to see what the next Beer Run unfolds.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there is much recovery to be done. And by recovery I simply mean slappy myself in the face for running today. And perhaps some Christmas decorating. And maybe some cookery.

Oh, and if you don’t know already, our dear friend Erin is hosting a concert tomorrow in honor of Bruce Baker and Colin Bowles. So if you’re in the area, be in attendance. That is all.

Lewis out.


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