Welcome To Arizona.

So. I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I am somewhat of a moron. After Christopher picked me up from the airport last night, we discussed my flight and the crazy girl who sat next to me at a bar.

“Um. Abs, the JetBlue terminal is not new or revamped. That’s how it’s always looked.”

“Oh? Did I read that they were revamping Laguardia?”

“Yeah. Jeff and I always fly JetBlue.”

“Well I don’t know, I have never flown out of JFK nor have I ever flown JetBlue.”

“I know. You’re such a Laguardia girl.”

Excuse me for the misinformation, readers. Apparently, I’m a Laguardia girl and the Baker brothers are so fancy that they only exclusively fly JetBlue. Also, readers, I’m giving a snarky fist gesture as I’m saying this.

Back to Arizona. My first of three states to run in this Thanksgiving week and I did just that. There is a lovely little park situated next to our hotel filled with skate parks, disc golf, palm trees (and some kind of parakeet that lives in them!), making for a nice 8 am jaunt. The air is extremely clear here, which is a nice change of pace from the cars driving by us in Central Park on Tuesday night. And the mountain views are insane! I actually thought that I could move from the city…

My first cactus.

That lasted around five seconds.

But seriously, Arizona is off to a great start. Now if you’ll excuse me, my fancy pants-JetBlue jetsetting-soon to be IronMan boyfriend has requested that we promptly go pick up his best friend Alex and that we get to the expo.

Oh. And hats off to Claire and Eissa back in NYC for being ultra-awesome ultramarathoners at the Knickerbocker!

Catch y’all tomorrow at the IronMan.


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