Wrap It Up: Weekend with Padre.

My family has a habit of buying gifts (whether it’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.) that have to do with experiencing something. For example, last year Linda Lew came up to New York for Mother’s Day. What did I get her? Tickets to see Wicked.

Wicked close seats.

So, naturally I enticed Daddy Lew to come up to the Big Apple for a father/daughter weekend with his birthday present: Hurricanes/Rangers tickets at the newly ‘renovated’ Garden. I say renovated lightly as I have no idea what the did to renovate it. It still had the same nude colored walls, and still had the same hot dog vendors. Where were all these high end restaurants that I read about in the NY Times over the summer?

Anywho. Friday Dad called me to let me know his flight was delayed, and also informing me that the Hurricanes “are playing sucky.” It’s true. Somehow they manage to lose everything in the third period.

Regardless of the 5-1 loss (thank GOD we left at 4-1), we had a fantastical weekend filled with food, booze, and man things.

Rock you like a Hurricane. Or at least attempt to.

So let’s wrap it up, shall we?

Restaurant recommendation of the weekend: Sushi Yasuda. So, I wasn’t feeling well going into this meal. And truth be told, I wanted nothing more than to get my sweats on and watch a movie. But I powered through (at least until 11:00 that night when I was awake with severe stomach nausea until 3 am), and had the most magical sushi dinner I have ever had. Seriously. Magical. The last time I tasted fish this fresh was actually at a sushi restaurant in Paris, and that was five years ago. Dad was in complete agreement, and he has traveled to Japan more times than I can count. So yeah, get your sushi on at Sushi Yasuda.

Man recommendation of the weekend: Intrepid Museum. Seriously bad ass, you just feel more butch when you board the ship.

Fastest. Plane. EVER.

Oh, she's lost it.

Which brings us to our fun fact of the weekend: My Dad has his pilot’s license.

“Nu uh.”

“Yes, huh.”

“I thought you couldn’t get that because of your eyesight?”

“No. That’s why I couldn’t enlist in the Air Force. Didn’t you know we had our own plane?”
**We = his parents and family.**

“NU UH.”


And that was a fun fact. I knew Dad had a serious passion about aviation and knew all kinds of crazy information tons of types of planes. Did I know that he was going to give Christopher and I a history lesson on every single aircraft that was on the Intrepid? No. I mean, I guess I could have expected it. I think I’m still in shock that my Father has his pilot’s license. That explains the Aviators he’s had since before I was born.

The man. The myth. The legend.

All in all, a fabulous weekend with my Dad. And yes, we went to Brother Jimmy’s (his favorite bar in all of NYC). In fact, we went to two of them. And the Canes did play well in the first two periods. May not have been the best outcome, but my Dad was still elated all the same. It was his first time in Madison Square Garden, after all.

Side note: I also learned something this weekend. Although I’m not training right now (and that will pick up again very soon), I noticed that my body cannot handle poor nutrition. My stomach literally rejects any kind of grease. That fabulous pizza I had on Friday night after the hockey game was indeed delicious. Did it taste good the next day? Absolutely not. I think my insides feel like I’m playing a joke on them when I intake unhealthy food. Sorry, stomach. I promise to keep it light for the next few weeks.

Many thanks to all of my friends who participated in the funtivities throughout the weekend.

And Happy Belated Birthday, Fajah 🙂

See you folks in Arizona. I’ll be reporting to you live while Christopher endures a long day at the Iron Man. Woof.


One response to “Wrap It Up: Weekend with Padre.

  1. You’re fancy – Sushi Yasuda was reviewed in the Times on Tuesday. 3 stars. No word on when they’ll be reviewing Brother Jimmy’s, but I’m sure those Scorpion Bowls will earn it the full 4 stars.

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