Weekend Wrap-Up: NYC Marathon/Best Friend Funtivities

First and foremost, HUGE congratulations to all marathoners this weekend. What a perfect day for a race! Most everyone I know had a fantastic time, which is great to hear! It’s mega important to enjoy the race, and I heard very few complaints! Baller.

So, let’s wrap it up, shall we?

Friday marked a monumental occasion: Best Friend Bradley Ballou and his lady friend, Christin, were to visit me in the city. Bradley hasn’t been to the Big Apple since I first moved here, and that was nearly five years ago. So, this was to be a much better weekend as there would be no 4 am drinkery, late night falafel, and Meatpacking District. And hell, why not throw in one of the greatest days of the year (ahem, NYCM—and if you don’t know, that’s what google is for)?

With a, “We’re in the cab line” and “What does crosstown traffic mean?,” the Mad Dog/Lady Stryker weekend-o-fun was set in motion.

Mad Dog & Stryker.

Restaurant recommendation of the weekend: Lure Fishbar. I’m a fan of their sister restaurant, Chinatown Brasserie, and Christopher once told me that he was a fan of Lure. It was indeed, exceptional, and quite cool as it is housed in what looks like a boat. Besides the drunken old woman who was throwing up in the bathroom (get a grip lady, it’s 8 pm!), I can safely say that all four of us had a stellar meal.

What’s better than seeing a movie being filmed in Manhattan? Seeing MF-ing BATMAN being filmed. That’s right. I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of movie trailers around my work neighborhood. But seeing an actual scene being filmed really took the cake. And since it was Stryker’s first trip here, it only made sense that she see something baller like Bruce Wayne. And we learned that there is going to be a “Batcopter” in the major motion picture. Oh. My. God.

The Dark Knight Rises on Wall Street.

Best NYC Landmark of the weekend: The World Trade Center Memorial. It truly is a sight to see, and beautifully done. Ordering your tickets online makes the flow of traffic easy to handle, and also makes the park less crowded.


Most inspirational experience of the weekend: NYC Marathon. Not only was Chris running the marathon, but about 10-12 dear friends were out crushing the course as well. Bradley, Christin and I made our way uptown (after a train delay, no doubt) and met up with Jeff, Ali, and the rest of our cheer squad at mile 17.5. We watched as the professional athletes passed (moving as fluid as ever), and tried to keep track of who was next. We were at an interesting spot along the course, as many runners tend to hit “the wall” around miles 17-20. I saw one gentleman literally hit that wall coming up 1st Ave., when he came to a screeching hault and then slowly continued walking. Christopher came charging up at a 6:35 pace, ripping off his heart monitor, high fiving, and moving on. It was quite amusing, and there is even a video of the whole shabang.

Side note: The Marathon app was ridiculous. I didn’t get stats from any of my friends until about 4:00 pm, well after they were finished. Do I smell a refund? Maybe?

One of the greatest tips I have ever received was from dear friend Susan, who said, “Put your name on your shirt. Just do it.” Well, I didn’t do it for Chicago as I didn’t want anyone pronouncing my name wrong and shouting, “GO ABE!,” but I think that for Kentucky I will most put some version of Abbe on there. Our cheer squad was shouting at everyone, and it made it even more special when people had their name written visibly for all to see. For those of you future marathoners, I would most definitely take that piece of advice with you. Having people shout your name on your 26.2 journey makes it all the more better for YOU.

And here’s another tip: If you’re cheering in Manhattan (and I suppose the same goes for Brooklyn after hearing about how it’s a giant party), don’t leave your post. Biggest. Mistake. EVER. Bradley, Christin and I decided to head to the Lordship Household to use the bathroom. I started tracking some of my friends who I would soon see. I came back out to find out that much of the crew left to find various things (i.e., pizza, beer, toilet), and there really wasn’t a large spot for us to gather back into. The entire west side of First Ave. resembled a wall of people, anywhere from 5-8 people deep. This goes to show: Don’t leave your post. You gotta tinkle? Suck it up and hold it.

Christopher finished with a stellar time of 3:00:48, and a bunch of my friends had stellar PRs and overall fun experiences. Many, many congratulations to all of you out there.

By the numbers:

Number of Hot Dogs Bradley consumed: 4 (a bit sad, really, as Christopher soon told him of a fun game called a ‘Hot Dog-a-thon’ which we will play during his next visit)

Mad Dog Feed.

Number of “Late Night” pizzas: 1. And it wasn’t late. It was 10:30.
Number of Batmobiles spotted: 1. Nerdrection.
Number of Protesters: Eleventy Billion (Oh yes, we ventured to Occupy)
Number of Restaurants/Bars Attended: 11

Special thanks to Mad Dog and Stryker for an exceptional weekend. I can’t wait to only top it with your next visit.

This photo speaks volumes.


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