An Ode To Wemos J.

Readers, meet Lindsay. I also call her “Emo.” Or “Wemos Johnson.” young and innocent..

She is an artist.

..yes, folks, she painted those..

She is a photographer.

..searching for bobby fisher..

And most importantly, dear readers, she is one of my very best friends. And she drove all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina to help me celebrate my birthday. What a gal.

Lindsay has never traveled to the city so nice they named it twice, so I was all about showing her my city and all of it’s funtivities. Top on my list? The mall in Central Park. And coffee. And booze.

Top on her list? Shopping. Including thrift stores, H&M, and shops along West Broadway.

Also top on my list? Food. Training made me cut out the crap from my diet. And that included delicious, delectable bone marrow. So. Blue Ribbon was to be had for my birthday dinner at Blue Ribbon.


I also had to cut out bourbon from my diet. So many shots were had (oh, boy) at my birthday celebration at Highlands.

Also top on my list: laughing at absolutely nothing. Nothing makes me happier than goofing off with the people who know me best. You see, Lindsay is one of those friends where I can turn on the TV and say, “snap, 90210 is on,” and then find her Facebook status to read:

I8A4RE + U4EA = 90210.

If you don’t get it, then you weren’t a child of the 90s and I can’t help you.

So this is my ode to Lindsay Ayn Warren, a wonderful best friend who spent a glorious (albeit short) weekend with me here in the City and helped me not barf on my birthday night. I will also continue to have the Jem and the Holograms theme song stuck in my head for many, many moons.

And for those of you that are asking yourself, “What is a Wemos, anyway?” Well that, my friends, is something that cannot be asked. It can only be experienced.

The. End.


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