Welcome to Taper Town.

I’ve been going through an emotional roller coaster as of late, most of which has been me walking around in my cranky pants complaining about training and why I thought this was a “good idea” and the like.

So, ok. It’s my first marathon. No, I didn’t fully realize how much time and energy was going to go into this. I didn’t think about the fact that I would actually be out of touch with half of the people in my life because I’m either running, or working. I didn’t realize that I would be so tired on my Saturdays that I would literally stay in bed for three hours after a 20-mile run. Yes, I did have my runner high, and it lasted a good couple of days. But as the days are winding down (13 and counting as a matter of fact), the taper madness has started to creep it’s way into my schedule, leaving me without a long run on the weekend and shorter workouts during the week.

Some of my friends have said, “…erm…what in the hell’s a taper week?”

And I responded with, “It’s believed to be an old, old wooden ship that was used in the civil war era.”


I’m kidding. Plainly put, tapering is described as the act of reducing exercise in the days (usually two weeks) before a competition to ensure optimal performance.

I’ve heard of everyone’s taper tendencies, and let me tell you something right now. They’re all TRUE. As I was watching Good Morning America with His Lordship, a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese commercial started to roll during the break. I definitely got a case of the ‘Blue Box Blues.’

..give it to me..

I read (and got inspired no doubt) by Ali’s awesome recap of her first marathon that took place just 48 hours ago. And I started weeping in my cubicle.

Even this conversation with Sam happened this morning:

Samantha:  You just have to take in the experience, and revel in the fact that what you’re doing is special and very awesome. (oh my god I’m going to cryyy)
me:  DON’T CRY

I’ve also found myself making a list of restaurants to eat at when I return to mighty Manhattan: Blue Ribbon (bone marrow, duh), Shake Shack (gimme a Shack Stack STAT), and I’m DYING to try out Saxon & Parole. Oh, and we won’t even pull at the thread that is ordering a Maker’s rocks.

So. My taper week begins with leg and core strengthening and a healthy meal of quinoa and sauteed vegetables. Huzzaahh. Don’t worry, there are a lot of things keeping me going. I made the course map my desktop background and started having waves of good anxiety. I get to see my bestest friends Jason and Amber next week and I get to celebrate my birthday and my first marathon with them! I found out yesterday during the wonderful Giants game that Elyssa will be heading to Chicago to spectate the race—Runner Army unite!

Everything will be okay. I will go through the motions that is tapering. I will continue to keep my fitness and nutrition in check. I will continue to work hard so I can play hard.

Chicago is less than two weeks away. Sweet Jesus, I hope I’m ready.

5 responses to “Welcome to Taper Town.

  1. I’m so proud of you setting goals and sticking to them – this is a huge deal! You’re so close to finishing!! Love you wubbs!

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