Welcome to the Lewis Grub Crawl.

Last year, Lindy Lew made her way up to the Big Apple for Mother’s Day. On said special day, we meandered over to Chelsea for lunch, and during the meal, we started discussing different types of food and found ourselves craving for foods with Asian and Cuban flare. This lead us to meander over to the Meatpacking District and to two other restaurants. And thus, the Lewis Grub Crawl was born. Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. Mayhem ensued as fashion stores opened their doors to the public, let the champagne flow, and everyone and their Mom acted with an air of importance. It really is a sight to see. It’s not so far off from how Manhattan looks during St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween.

Crowded streets in front of Dash.

As I am one who enjoys the quieter side of life, his Lordship was more than happy to accompany me for drinks and oysters after the fashion show (he took me to see Gretchen Jones!), and so we ventured over to Blue Ribbon, which happens to be one of my favorites in New York. This was the first time I’ve been to said restaurant where it was completely quiet, as they were just opening up for service. They have an extensive menu complete with a raw bar, offal, and classics like fried chicken and rack of lamb. If you have the chance to go, get the bone marrow. The oxtail marmalade compliments it in a way that makes my mouth water as I’m typing this. In fact, I would like to get up and leave to go eat it, but I’ve vowed to wait until after my marathon to indulge on such things.

Marrow aside, we ate oysters (both east and west coast), scallops and clams, and made friends and future reservations. It was then we wondered what we were going to eat for dinner.

“Let’s grub crawl,” I suggest.

Arm twisted, Chris and I exited into the streets of SoHo, making our way to our dinner destination.

That brought us to Mercer Kitchen. From the brain of Jean-George Vongerichten in the cool basement of The Mercer Hotel, the playful menu was right up our alley from the get-go. The raw tuna and wasabi pizza was on point, and the calamari was a bonus start. For those of you with significant others take heed, as I have found a killer date spot.

Although it was just the two restaurants for our grub crawl, it was stupendous nonetheless, and got us away from the champagne-sipping, Coach bag-browsing masses. And that’s completely fine by me.


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