Lewis Family Weekend Wrap-Up.

It’s time once again to put another successful weekend adventure with my family in the books. This marks the second year in a row where my parents—Dave and Linda—have come up to the city to celebrate two very special things: their anniversary and Linda’s birthday.

Me and the Folks out on the Hudson.

Seeing as how last year was such a success, I wanted to make sure that this year was no exception.

I started the ol’ itinerary about a month ago, with restaurant reservations in the works as well as checking out what was at each of the art museums. I even asked some of my close friends for suggestions, as I found it becoming difficult to find things to do with my parents as they 1. used to live here, and 2. visit the city more often than I visit Cary, NC.

“Well, I’m sure Linda would like to do some shopping,” says my dear friend Thomas. Correct, she would. But what about Dave and His Lordship?

“Oh, are the Yankees in town that weekend?” No, Thomas. And my Father is not a fan.

Thomas was out of suggestions. Even Erica Sara was having a difficult time coming up with things during our Saturday morning stroll through Central Park.

I worked right up to the very last minute on this itinerary. The best part was that I never sent it nor showed it to my folks. Reason being, there were a few surprises on the menu. My Mother is quite a fan of Pastis, so naturally, Christopher and I treated them to brunch. My Father, being a history buff (not unlike His Lordship), was delighted to hear that we would be dining at Fraunces Tavern, a historical bar in FiDi where George Washington used to hang out! My parents also got to see the progress of the World Trade Center.

Exceptional Progress.

With that, I realized I was probably being a bit hard on myself. For it’s not what you do or where you go that matters, it’s who you’re with and how you spend that time that counts!

Oh, Lewis. How cliché. But it’s true, I tell you! Somebody queue the music…

And now, I will give you the Lewis Fam Weekend Wrap-Up. Happy 41 Years to my folks, and Happy Birthday, Linda!

Number of Restaurants/Bars Visited: 11.
Number of Restaurants/Bars Parents Visited: 13
Number of Historical Landmarks Conquered: 6
Number of Naps Taken: 1
Number of Pythons Held: 1
Number of Times Abbe Poked Dave with an Umbrella: 37
Number of ‘Cheers’ Given to My Folks: Eleventy Billion.

Here’s to a weekend filled with lots of love, laughter, and memories.

Can't nobody take our stride.


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